5 Ridiculously Easy And Super Fun Drinking Games You Can Buy On Amazon

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Drinking games never fail to bring a party to the next level. And while we all likely have plenty that we’ve been playing since our first sip, it’s refreshing to try something new, especially one that’s definitely out of the ordinary. Luckily, you can get all these fun drinking games on Amazon, so you’re just one click away.

  • If you played the game Battleship growing up, you’ll love this one. The rules are basically the same—the board is just smaller, and instead of boats, you use shots. When the opposite player “sinks your ship,” you take the corresponding shot.

  • Inspired by Plinko, drinking doesn’t get much easier than this. Just drop your chip at the top of the board, and see which shot glass it ends up in. Drink wherever it lands.

  • If you always find yourself at the roulette table when in a casino, you can now have a much smaller, much more affordable table at home. Just give the wheel a spin to determine your drink.

  • Another one that’s as easy as spinning a wheel, Wheel of Misfortune gives out physical challenges as well as drinking commands. Grab three drinking companions, and give it a spin.

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  • Test your darts skills with this tabletop drinking version. But don’t worry—the darts are magnetic, so no danger included. Wherever your dart lands, just follow the instructions.

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